"Multa Plenty"

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Presented by Deborah Ralph-Kafarela

at the Midland Junction Arts Centre

Installation 1 - Abundance

A storeroom at Midland Junction Arts Centre filled to overflowing with bedding donations from businesses and the general public in the City of Swan Community.

Installation 2 - Little Boxes

98 tiny houses, 15 workshops, 5 volunteers, 94 schools students, 11 teachers, 200 visitors hyper vision open, 141 visitors The Store MJAC, 1 business in kind.

Installation 3 - A Place to Sleep

What started 18 months ago as a local human rights social activist art project - the plight of homelessness,

then led me on my own personal journey of reflection and discovery of family history.

Why do I have such empathy for those experiencing displacement and poverty?

Because I have experienced homelessness several times in my life.

Installation 4 - Ten Plastic Bags

Bags for the colour aesthetic were donated from FoodBank and Art Materials

for Hygiene Items were donated by x 11` businesses, churches and x 258 general public.

Installation 5 - What is Home

What is Home, Deborah Ralph-Kafarela, City of Swan Community Art Installation Homelessness Week.

Installation 6 - Final Cameo Installations

Small cameos of each previous installation were set up together in the space where each had once dominated alone.

The Closing Event

The closing event saw the return of many participants of the installations, who reflected on their work while enjoying the evening.